Curated Gift to TREAT YOURSELF

Curated Gift to TREAT YOURSELF

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To: Me 💗

From: Me 💗

What better way to treat yourself than with a surprise gift to YOU, from you?! Select your budget from the dropdown and tell us a little bit about yourself. Then, we'll curate the perfect gift just for you!

Why curated gifts are so cool:

  • The value of the gift is always greater than the amount you spend.
  • We take your description in the comments to heart! The curated gift will be put together based on your special interest, age, likes, and dislikes!
  • We'll skip emailing you a picture of the gift so it will be a surprise!
  • The fairy gifter who is curating your gift has over 15 years of experience in gift giving! 
  • BONUS: the curated gift is chosen from over 2,000 items in the store (not just items available on our website)!