All Things That Glow!

Our Little Wishes section is glowing. Kids, of all ages, are drawn to the toys that light up, glow, and make their world a little brighter. Here are five of our favorites that will definitely make your child's eyes light up with joy!

Glow-in-the-Dark Squishy Bath Bomb: This bath bomb makes your bath glow-in-the-dark as it fizzes and melts quality essential oils into your bath. When bath time is over, a squishy surprise is revealed to keep the fun going. 
Recommended for 3+ years
Light Up Stax: Illuminated construction blocks use LED technology. Each block magically glows as it is connected to a power base or any lit block. Just stack them and they light up! Compatible with traditional building blocks. Recommended for 3+ years
Color Tracer Chameleon: Draw a line and the chameleon will follow it. The color sensor detects different colors on the sheets and its body will vary with the colors and effect different sounds.  Recommended for 3+ years
Capture the Flag: A new take on an old favorite. This game features glow-in-the-dark lights perfect for indoor or outdoor play! Recommended for 8+ years
Wandini: Design and perform a mesmerizing light show with Wandini. Simply loop Wandini around your middle finger to create an illusion of bright lights floating luminously in the air with your hands. Recommended for 8+ years
We hope the children in your life enjoy our favorite glowing gifts in Little Wishes!

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