We're introducing a new fragrance line to Wish Gifts - infinite She. This Margot Elena creation is for all the fearless, vibrant, inspired, and empowered women. A bold mix of irrepressible feminine soul, compelling fragrances, and striking design. Infinite She is a call to stand proud, step out, and do you in all your glory.
  • Lynn and Liana - The Story Behind Eye-Catching Cheeseboards

    Lynn & Liana Serveware is a family business based out of Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada. They are a close knit group who make our employee and customer favorite cheeseboards. Lynn & Liana have been featured on The View, Forbes, Good Morning America, and more.

    Ready to get onboard with the cheeseboards? Gift them for housewarming, hosting, and to treat yourself!

  • All Things That Glow!

    Our Little Wishes section is glowing. Kids, of all ages, are drawn to the toys that light up, glow, and make their world a little brighter. Here are five of our favorites that will definitely make your child's eyes light up with joy!
  • Recipes made with Special Sh*t

    Stock up on these delicious seasonings from Big Cock Ranch and try out a new recipe while you're at it! These seasonings that are great on meats, in sauces, and even to keep on the table to spice up your favorite dish.

  • Margot Elena - Breaking Down the 4 Fragrance Brands

    Margot Elena has spent over 20 years lovingly developing the products, creating each to capture the imagination and provide a delightful escape from the everyday. From the most intricate details of the packaging to luxurious formulations & exquisite fragrances, each element has carefully been composed. Today we're breaking down the 4 fragrance brands within Margot Elena.
  • Fall Arrivals in Little Wishes

    Check out the newest Fall Arrivals in Little Wishes. These styles just can't get any sweeter!
  • Repurpose your Voluspa candles after their last burn!

    Voluspa is true handcrafted California luxury. Exquisite scents, cool, colorful, reusable containers, and perfectly formulated candles are the backbone of Voluspa. At Wish Gifts, we always have a variety of Voluspa fragrances and container shapes and sizes to choose from to fit your lifestyle and gift giving needs.
    Here are some ideas from Voluspa for repurposing your candle vessels after their last burn!
  • Surround yourself with kind people and cool stuff at our shops!

    There are multiple ways you can support our small business for free! Show some love on social media by liking, sharing, and commenting on our posts to help spread the word about Wish Gifts to a larger audience. Stopping by to shop? Tag us on social media so others can find us too. Have time to leave a review? That would be awesome so people can know what to expect when they shop local with us! Your support of our small business means the world to us! Thank you Wish Fam for keeping it local!

  • We've Loved this Line the Longest - Kai

    Why's Kai so cool?
    The creator, Gaye Straza, decided to create a
    scent for herself that embodied the exotic white flowers she loved. For several months she worked tirelessly with a small boutique fragrance house to develop what we now know as Kai fragrance and soon made the fragrance available in her own upscale women’s fashion boutique in Malibu

    Aloha spirit is each person must think and emote good feelings for each other. We work hard to bring you gifts to give with the aloha spirit. Also, we love supporting small Hawaiian makers to bring unique gifts to the mainland. Read on to learn more about Hawaiian products in our boutiques!
  • A Road Trip Favorite in Little Wishes

    Unicorn, Surfs Up, and Happy Camper plush pillows are a road trip essential. Not only do they provide comfort, but endless entertainment as well.
  • Get to know the sauces!

    At Wish Gifts, we are huge fans of Blonde Beard's buffalo sauces! They are a local company, customer favorite, and always flying off the shelves. Today we're breaking down the flavors so you can choose the sauce that makes your taste buds smile (or maybe that makes you hurry for a glass of milk if that's your thing!).