Aloha spirit is each person must think and emote good feelings for each other. We work hard to bring you gifts to give with the aloha spirit. Also, we love supporting small Hawaiian makers to bring unique gifts to the mainland. Read on to learn more about Hawaiian products in our boutiques!


From 'Ili, "‘Ili is an invitation to revel in the simple strength of solitude, inspired by the purity of island life. We are fortunate to call Kaua'i home. Island living has imparted an appreciation, thoughtfulness, and regard we want to share. The ‘Ili experience celebrates this love and sacredness with self-care." 

The 'Ili products are made fresh weekly with high-quality organic ingredients, delivering a premium product. Try out the salt and coffee scrubs from 'Ili to indulge in a little Aloha.

"ALOHA COLLECTION WAS BORN OUT OF A LOVE OF TRAVEL, ADVENTURE, AND THE OCEAN." These splash proof travel bags are used to stow damp swimsuits, post-workout activewear, accident-prone toiletries, make-up, suitcase organization, and commonly used as a fun clutch! Even better, they come in a variety of sizes and fun, summery prints - click here to shop the ALOHA Collection at Wish Gifts. 

Left Right Design
This local artist on Kaua'i makes vibrant greeting cards that you can find at Wish Gifts. The Bali Hai greeting card pictured below is just one example of the vibrant creations we carry by Left Right Design. Send some beautiful snail mail to your loved ones just because!

We hope we've convinced you to spread a little Aloha spirit!


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