Sleep, Shower, & Sweat in Enewton Jewelry

If you enjoy high quality and high functionality jewelry, keep reading to learn more about enewton accessories, available at Wish Gifts! This eye-catching jewelry line is hand-beaded with love in Atlanta, Georgia and sure to become the next staple in your everyday look.
Why we love this line? Gold filled beads! Gold-filled jewelry by definition is "composed of a solid layer of gold, mechanically bonded to a base metal." It provides the quality one would expect from solid gold. Gold-plated, on the other hand, will tarnish and can result in discoloration. So, go ahead and swim, sweat, and shower in these special pieces made with gold filled beads!
What's new from enewton at Wish Gifts? Find beautiful natural gemstones highlighted on these beautiful bracelets. We're loving the classic pearls for Mother's Day gifts, but don't forget to admire the amazonite and moonstone bracelets too. They add a pop of color to your everyday arm party!
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