Get to know the sauces!

At Wish Gifts, we are huge fans of Blonde Beard's buffalo sauces! They are a local company, customer favorite, and always flying off the shelves. Today we're breaking down the flavors so you can choose the sauce that makes your taste buds smile (or maybe that makes you hurry for a glass of milk if that's your thing!).

Nothing goes together like beer and chicken wings. Made with Upslope's India Pale Ale, the IPA Buffalo Sauce is beer forward with a smooth hoppy finish. Spicy and refreshing, it's like a wing and a beer in the same bite.

Black Magic was Blonde Beard's first recipe. It's bold, tangy flavor comes from notes of black pepper, cajun spices, and fresh garlic. Great for grilling and cooking, well, anything.

Holy Hell
Scotch bonnet peppers are the star of this fiery sauce with their fruity notes and bright, fresh-from-the-garden flavor. Holy Hell is an explosion of flavor with the perfect amount of extra hot heat.

Inspired by the Southern dish, Chicken & Waffles sauce is smooth with a touch of sweetness. Milder in heat with subtle notes of maple syrup, this sauce is perfect for wings for the whole family.

Try one or try them all, totally your call!
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P.S. Tryout the wings recipe below with your new hot sauce!