International Day of the Girl 2023

Celebrate with us!
Rebel Girls Fest at Little Wishes on October 7th!

Rebel Girls book series has always been a staple in Little Wishes. Rebel Girls, a global empowerment brand, is dedicated to raising the most inspired and confident generation of girls. Rebel Girls and Wish Gifts are both woman-owned businesses and we love any opportunity to work together to inspire girls in our community.

Through the Rebel Girls stories of women, throughout history, girls are empowered to dream big and realize they are capable of anything. Their latest book, Dear Rebel, features 145 trailblazing women who share their best advice for girls today. Dear Rebel will be released as part of Rebel Girls Fest- a celebration of the International Day of the Girl.

Little Wishes will proudly host Rebel Girls Fest at both locations on October 7th (all day). Bring your daughter/niece/grandchild to celebrate with us! Take a peek at Dear Rebel and have the opportunity to write a letter to a rebel showcased in the book. We will mail your child's letter and she will receive an exclusive letter back from a real-life Rebel Girl featured in Dear Rebel.

We encourage you to continue the Rebel Girls storytelling at home. Share the stories of brave women in your family who made a difference for the generation that followed. Talk about your female role models and why they are important in your own life decisions or paved a way for you. Shop our Rebel Girls selection here.

 To learn more about the International Day of the Girl click here. This day, globally recognized on October 11th, is sponsored by UNICEF.

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