Margot Elena - Breaking Down the 4 Fragrance Brands

Margot Elena has spent over 20 years lovingly developing the products, creating each to capture the imagination and provide a delightful escape from the everyday. From the most intricate details of the packaging to luxurious formulations & exquisite fragrances, each element has carefully been composed. Today we're breaking down the 4 fragrance brands within Margot Elena.

Lollia - Modern Romantic Luxury

Margot Elena’s most recognizable brand, Lollia, is a world created of boudoir luxuries filled with lovely details, blushing fragrances, and flirtatious touches.

TokyoMilk - Objects to Desire

An uncommon place filled with coveted treasures. The TokyoMilk collection includes TokyoMilk Classic, Dead Sexy Special Artist Release, Neptune & The Mermaid, TokyoMilk Dark, and TokyoMilk Light.

Library of Flowers - Small Batch Perfumery

Hand drawn illustrations, hand created type, and free spirited layouts capture the soulfulness of artisanal craftsmanship.

The Cottage Greenhouse - Botanic Beauty Market

Inspired by fresh, wholesome ingredients & formulated with up to 98% natural ingredients. Every product is paraben free and never animal tested.

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