National Read A Book Day!

September brings many welcomed changes. Cooler nights, football season, pumpkin spice lattes, and cozy sweaters... to name a few. With the start of school, our summer brains are focused again and our kids are sharing all the new things they are learning. As parents, we know reading is a very important piece of our children's healthy development. I know, as a mom, I need to shift from my People magazine - by the pool - to an actual book (most likely a true crime story). 

Well... National Read a Book Day, on September 6th, is the perfect family opportunity to get inspired and to share the love of reading!

If you're looking for a good new book for yourself or your children, Wish Gifts is full of good reads. Here's a sampling of what books we offer for our young friends and there's many more in-store, including several local authors. A favorite right now is Rebel Girls Champions: 25 Tales of Unstoppable Athletes - featuring Serena Williams. We are all savoring watching a true great play especially now and reading her story is definitely inspiring.

Join us - and pick up your favorite book on Tuesday - as we celebrate our shared love of reading on National Read a Book Day.

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