NYC Market Recap

"Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

The Wish Gifts buying team travels to several markets every buying season to connect with emerging brands and meet the creators behind the merchandise. Traveling allows us to get out in the world for inspiration, innovation, and creativity. It allows us to spot trends, explore new neighborhoods, visit local boutiques, eat at innovative restaurants, and feel the energy of the city (especially in New York).

Speaking of creative energy, we were so impressed with Popup Bagels in NYC. We wandered upon this well-branded, delicious, and fun bagel shop while walking the streets in Soho. It made us ask ourselves - is this what people see when they visit Wish Gifts? As soon as you walk in, you quickly notice everything is on point. The staff is funny and joking. The bagels are second to none. The store is well-branded. It checked off all the boxes of everything that makes for a great experience. Insider tip, follow them on Instagram for funny content (@popupbagels) and visit their shop the next time you're in NYC (177 Thompson Street, NYC 10012).

Traveling to market fills our shelves with incredible stories from the makers too. We met with Zizia Botanicals founder,  Abbe Findley. She was previously in a standard corporate job, but followed her passion for design to create Zizia. Zizia is an "all fun, no-fuss formulas for skin, good health, and everyday ails. Pure and potent, and forever fluff-free. We prioritize sustainably sourced ingredients and packaging, and source organic botanicals whenever possible. Each formula has been expertly researched and is rooted in time-tested traditions and clinical practice. From the subway to the 101, we make innovative formulas for modern-day life. Made for wherever you're at and wherever you're going."

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