Play Longer in Little Wishes

Summer is almost here! In Little Wishes, summer means no more carpools, relaxed bedtimes, sleepy mornings, and way more play time. We are certain the countdown to summer break has begun in your lives, and we are prepared with tons of warm weather games to play during the day or at night.

One essential summer item that we love is Night Scope. We've loved the very useful LED beanie and now, we are excited to showcase Night Scope LED head lamps. Not only are head lamps great for camping, but in our house, we use them constantly for playing basketball after dark, walking dogs, going for runs, and riding bikes. 

The vision with the beanie and head lamp is really impressive, not to mention all the different settings (directional options, brightness levels, flash modes, and white versus red light). The comfort strap is adjustable and great for sharing. The Night Scope comes in three great styles, those being: woodland, breck, and rogue. The LED light is easily rechargeable too- lasting you all summer long.

Stay safe and stylish and most importantly, play longer!

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