A Road Trip Favorite in Little Wishes

Summer road trip in your plans? Stop by Wish Gifts to get your road trip essentials for any little travelers in your car. Pillows are always welcomed on long trips. In Little Wishes, we have super soft, bright, and entertaining pillows.  Not only will these pillows make naps easier and more comfortable, but they also contain mini toy plushes inside - making this a pillow filled with endless games for your imagination. The best part is the mini plushes all get stored away, inside the pillow, for easy transport. All pillows are 16" and hand-washing is best. 

We have three styles to choose from: Unicorn, Surfs Up, and Happy Camper.

(includes a moon, star, and rainbow plush; a Peace Sign clip-on)
(includes a turtle, fish, and whale plush; "Protect the Ocean" clip-on) 
(includes an avocado, peace daisy, and s’more plush; a Sun clip-on). 
Happy travels!

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