Styling Your Enewton Pieces✨

Layering jewelry has never been easier! Enewton bracelets were made for stacking. Here are a few tips to layer your favorite pieces like a pro.

Different Sizes
Combine your stack with dainty pieces and chunkier pieces! Enewton has a variety of pieces varying from smaller beads, larger beads, and the combination of the two. Mixing sizes on your stack makes it more even, clean, and aesthetic. Below are a few styles we have in-stores now. 
E Newton bracelets

Mixing Colors
We’ve all heard you are not supposed to mix silver and gold jewelry. We are here to tell you to mix them without hesitation! It’s become a trend to mix the two and Enewton has the perfect pieces to combine them. 
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Pair with other Pieces
We all love Enewton for their bracelets but we also love their necklaces, earrings, and rings! Effortlessly pair any of these pieces with your bracelets! See the collection here.

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