Summer Activity Ideas for Little Wishes

Oh summer! We long for you. No more early mornings. No more packing lunches. No more carpools. It all sounds lovely until a few weeks in... when all the summer longing turns quickly to boredom. It's only still June, right?

We get it. Summer is lovely but it's so easy to run out of activity ideas for your kids. Here's where our favorite little secret saves the day. The Idea Box. This brilliant little box contains 30 very cool wooden coins, each containing two ideas. Our favorite Idea Box themes are "Summer" and "Road Trip".

The coins have activity suggestions such as "Play green light, red light", "Have an egg hunt in the backyard" or "How long can you balance a coin on your nose?". All simple ideas with endless fun. Creative things to do that are easy but entertaining. Kids love being in charge and getting to select a coin too.

With the Idea Box, you'll be loving summer vacation and road trips once again.  A little help with a few ideas goes a long way. The Idea Box is best suited for children ages 3 to 10 years old.

Happy summer! 


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