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Meet the Always Pan - Deep enough to boil, shallow enough to saute, the Always Pan® is the gold standard for versatility, doing the jobs of eight pieces of traditional cookware. Available in sageblue salt, and spice.

A 10-inch pan that braises, sears, steams, strains, sautes, fries, boils, serves, stores…does it all! Made without PTFEs, PFOAs, other PFAS, as well as potentially toxic materials like lead and cadmium. High-performance nonstick means cooking (and cleaning up) has never been easier.

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Spruce Steamer Add-On

Whether you're steam-serious or steam-curious, these handmade baskets are here for never-mushy vegetables, perfectly-cooked fish, tender dumplings, fresh tamales...the list could go on. They stack to allow you to cook up to three dishes at once. Each steamer comes with a set of bamboo cooking chopsticks and 15 paper liners.

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