• Make an Espresso Martini in under 1 minute!

    We are getting excited for the upcoming holiday season and one of our favorite drinks to serve is an espresso martini! In-store we offer Noble Micks cocktail mixes, and their espresso martini packet is one of the best. See the recipe below and watch our tutorial to see how to make your own!
  • International Day of the Girl 2023

    Celebrate with us!
    Rebel Girls Fest at Little Wishes on October 7th!

    Rebel Girls book series has always been a staple in Little Wishes. Rebel Girls, a global empowerment brand, is dedicated to raising the most inspired and confident generation of girls. Rebel Girls and Wish Gifts are both woman-owned businesses and we love any opportunity to work together to inspire girls in our community.
  • Fall Trend Report - Trend Spotting in New York

    Trends are everywhere in New York and we're sharing how they're incorporated at Wish Gifts. Ready to reset for fall? Keep reading to stay stylish!
  • NYC Market Recap

    "Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

    The Wish Gifts buying team travels to several markets every buying season to connect with emerging brands and meet the creators behind the merchandise. Traveling allows us to get out in the world for inspiration, innovation, and creativity. It allows us to spot trends, explore new neighborhoods, visit local boutiques, eat at innovative restaurants, and feel the energy of the city (especially in New York).

  • Back-to-School in Little Wishes

    In Little Wishes, we filled our space with school essentials sure to make you smile. We remember what it was like to be little. School supplies were everything and we know a little touch of sunshine can make those first few days of school a bit brighter.
  • Come on Barbie, Let's Go Party!

    Barbie Party on Wednesday, July 19th at both locations! 🛼🪩🩷
  • Taylor Swift Pre-Concert Tailgate Party at Wish Gifts

    Just so you’re in the know - we’re having a Taylor Swift Pre-Concert Tailgate Party at Wish Gifts July 12th-15th!
    Here’s the scoop...
  • Summer Vibes in Little Wishes

    Summer is here and we have everything you need to enjoy it.
  • Recipes Inspired by Paloma Melon

    The fragrance is perfect for creating a peaceful atmosphere in any room of your home, but it’s especially fitting for the veranda. Imagine yourself sitting outside on a warm summer evening, surrounded by the refreshing scent of Paloma Melon. The fragrance will transport you to a place of calmness and tranquility.

    The Paloma Melon fragrance not only smells great, but it also pairs perfectly with two delicious recipes that incorporate the fragrances’ key notes.

  • Mama and Me this May!

    Mother's Day is a sweet reminder of the love, protection, guidance, nurturing, and kindness moms bring to our world. Whether you are a mom or celebrating a mom, May is a special time of year. In Little Wishes, we not only have plenty of gifts for moms, but also special gift sets for moms and daughters of all ages.
  • Just Keep Dancing 🪩🎶

    This collaboration serves as a reminder to all, that whatever you are aspiring for in life, don’t forget to have a little fun while you’re on the journey. 
  • Spring Colors in Little Wishes

    Spring is in the air at Wish Gifts. As Denver natives, we know there's a few spring snowstorms ahead of us, but we are full of color, spring patterns, and outdoor adventures in Little Wishes.